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It’s been a long, long time…

It’s been a while. So, what’s new? Oh, we’re moving!

Yep, we are moving. In just 2 days – well, 36 hours-ish. Friday Morning Chris and I will be joined by a couple of helpful guys (well paid guys) to load up a truck and hit the road.

We’re returning to the scene of many youthful crimes. Or adventures, more to the point. And that’s what this will be.

Join us over at http://StratfordOrBust.com to follow our adventures. We’ll be experimenting with blogging from the road and shooting some video and posting a ton of pictures.

Of course Rumble will be along for the ride. It wouldn’t be an adventure without that crazy little schnauzer.

It’s that time of year

I don’t have any pictures of it this year, it seems to have come and gone quickly. I’m referring to the annual pink budding of Vancouver. For the last few weeks, thousands of trees have sprouted their pink blossoms and come to life during the amazing weather we’ve had.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, that’s coming to an end. I say unfortunately because it’s so pretty to walk down the street and see hundreds of trees festooned in bright pink – a sure sign of spring here. It also means that we now get “pink snow” with sidewalks covered with millions of rotting pink petals as they drop from the trees making way for the green.

I say fortunately because it means that summer is fast approaching and the weather will stop being as unpredictable. Plus seeing Vancouver return to it’s lush forest-like state is the way we all want to see it.

It also means that Chris’ birthday is approaching. Early April and he’ll be, well let’s just say turning another year older. It always causes him stress and last year I didn’t exactly help alleviate that so I’m going to try to do something special this year. Not a big party, but something nice.

We’re also planning on a small mini-vacation either that weekend or the one after. Just a quick trip out of town for 2 nights to re-group and see someplace new. Technically it’ll be the first vacation we’ve taken as a couple. A few years ago we went to Calgary for a long weekend, but we stayed with my family the whole time and had a tight agenda of things we had to do. Not really a vacation.

This will be all about us – relaxing, no agenda (other than getting to the destination), no interruptions. The dog is coming with us, but he’s low maintenance generally.

Spring is in the air!

Maybe I need an intervention

Starbucks logo
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Anybody who knows me even a bit knows I’ve got a Starbucks addiction, but I’m trying to kick it.

In Downtown Vancouver, there is a Starbucks location within a few (read 2) blocks of just about everywhere. In the last 3 places I/We have lived, there’s been one within a block. And there is one within a block of my office.

Seriously, I didn’t plan it, but I think Starbucks did.

A few years ago I went to Yuma, Arizona for Christmas to visit my dad and step-mother and was tired most of the time I was there. I came up with my Starbucks Conspiracy Theory. Basically, the reason I was tired wasn’t that I wasn’t drinking coffee but rather, in Vancouver the air is so saturated with caffeine from one coffee shop or another (Starbucks, Blendz, Cafe D’Artigiano, etc) that you live in an artificially caffeinated state whether you like it or not.

So, this past weekend Starbucks finally released a store locator app for the iPhone into the Canadian iTunes store!

For me, it’s not about locating a store in Vancouver, it’s about remembering which stores are good (clean bathrooms, friendly staff) among the 100s there seem to be downtown.

And of course it will come in handy when we’re out of our comfort zone and I need a fix.

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Olympics Weekend – The Second

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So, this was the second weekend of the Olympics in Vancouver and things have certainly kicked up a notch or two!

Holy cow it’s so busy everywhere. We spent hours standing in line to see some of the Olympic pavillions or “houses” as they’re called.

By and large, they have NOT been worth the time spent in line. Here’s the ones that we saw and a rating…

  • Royal Canadian Mint – 25 minutes for the non-medal line up. Time inside 10 minutes. Rating: 5/10
    We saw the $1,000,000 gold coin, and lifted the gold ingot. Whee!
  • Maison Du Quebec – 25 minutes for the lineup before they opened. Time inside 2 minutes. Rating: -50 / 10
    Inside was another line to buy food/drink ($10 for a beer) and an empty stage with the promise of “entertainment” coming up soon. Uh – pass.
  • Sotchi House – 2 hour lineup before it opened. We left.
  • Ontario House – 2 hour lineup. We’ve been to Ontario, nothing they can do to tart it up will make us stand in line.
  • Saskatchewan House – 15 minute line up. We could see it from the minute we got there and we saw it behind us as we left.
    Yes, that’s my take on the “My dog ran away 2 days ago and I could still see him” joke.
  • Costco House – not an official house. 5 minutes in line, 2 minute wait for fried “pub” food. Failure to see what the fuss is about. Rating: 7/10, because were were hungry.
  • Turner-Rose House – No line-up, good company, cheap food, comfortable surroundings and no crowds. We strongly advise you visit this one. Rating: 10/10

    We also recommend our Welcoming Emissary! He’ll make you feel welcome!

  • Royal Canadian Mint celebrates first Canadian gold medal with medallion and commemorative coin (newswire.ca)
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It’s a Christmas Miracle

For Christmas Chris’s step-dad sent us a care package full of treats for Rumble. Oh my god! We never have to buy dog treats again I think. There were so many! (Thanks Dave!) And his mom slipped in a nice box of her homemade shortbread cookies. They were delicious and Chris showed a great amount of restraint and made them last 2 days.

One of the other gifts in the box was a super nice (simple) coat for Rumble. We’ve expressed to Dave before that Rumble hates getting wet and with Vancouver Winter upon is, tis the season to be wet.

So we put the coat on Rumble and he froze. No surprise there, he doesn’t handle change or clothing very well. We’ve shown video of him in boots before. Have a look… This is what happened with the coat.

So what’s the miracle you ask?

That was exactly a week ago. As of now, he’s actually walking with his coat on!

Sadly, this proves something bad. It means that anything Rumble doesn’t know and “can’t” learn is either our fault, or simply because he’s hard headed. But that’s not news to anyone who met him.