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I’ve been disappointed by cookies, by George

Yeah, I never thought I’d say that either, but I’ve been disappointed by cookies. More on that later.

So, on this beautiful Saturday morning, Chris and I got up early, dragged the dog out of bed for his walk, and headed off to the ScotiaBank Theatre or whatever to see Terminator Salvation. While not quite as bad as X-Men Origins: Wolverine (bad), it was no Star Trek (awesome) either. It also had nothing much to do with any other Terminator product you may know.

Ok, that’s not true. We see a picture of Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton style, thank-you), we have an Arnold-bot, John Connor, Kyle Reese, Cyberdyne and a bunch of killer robots. I guess the basics are there.

What’s different (without giving everything away)? John’s not the be all and end all for the revolution. Either he hasn’t gotten to that point yet, or this timeline isn’t quite the same. He’s a well respected leader of the rebellion, but NOT the boy-king he’s painted to be previously. There’s no time-travel here, although Sarah mentions it on a tape John listens to.  In fact, this story is more about Kyle Reese ultimately than John Connor.

John Connor is of course played by Christian Bale. Yawn. He chews on scenery and is cranky most of the time. Christian’s done some good work, but he’s overshadowed here by pretty much everything else in this movie, and the sourness of his character. He’s not the smart-alecy John Connor we saw in T-2.

This time out, Kyle is played by Anton Yelchin (Yeah, Chekov is fighting the terminators) and they’ve given him an adorable little sidekick named Star(r). Star(r) is great but other than being adorable and handing people weapons at the appropriate time, I’m not sure why she’s there. She reminds me of Newt from Aliens or Laddie from The Lost Boys. Fun little kids, but not 100% relevant to the core story. For the record, I think Anton does a better job as Kyle Reese than he did as Chekov, but I wish they’d gotten B.A.G. to do the movie. Much hotter.

Sam Worthington – handsome bloke. Needs serious acting and dialect coaching. Seriously, WTF? His accent was all over the place. For a few minutes it was flawless American. Then, for most of the movie, every third word sounded like a cross between Crocodile Dundee and Mel Gibson on a bad bender. The opening scene of the movie is an intense prison scene between him and Helena Bonham-Carter (huh?) and I almost quit the movie after that. McG may be a good action director, but give him an emotional scene and he’ll let the actors do whatever they want with no regard for  how it ends up. Like he delegated it to the 3rd unit and didn’t care.

Overall – the special effects are pretty awesome. Good scale, decent story, interestingly different from what you’d expect.

Now for the cookies.

[mappress]In our quest for lunch, we ended up at FatBurger on Denman Street as we often do. Not sure why sometimes because the food isn’t that good. It’s pretty good, but todays Crispy Chicken Burger with Ranch just didn’t cut it and the regular chicken burger is bland. Don’t get me started on the Turkey Burger. It’s tried to kill me twice.

So, after our lunch, we needed dessert. Right across the street is Cookies By George (now you get the title of this post) so we went over and indulged in several (expensive) cookies. Considering the price and size, the cookies at Starbucks are a better deal, and actually taste better.

I had 3 (which is why I’m sick now). My first cookie was something with big chocolate chunks and that one was ok, so I boldly moved on to cookie number two. Peanut butter. Yuck! I love peanut butter cookies, but this was horrible. Like they waved some peanut butter near it and the rest was slightly undercooked dough. Blah. Finally I had an Oatmeal cookie (they have some other adjective at the start, I don’t remember what) and it was horrible. I gave it to Chris and he wouldn’t finish it either, even though he said he enjoyed his. This Oatmeal and Raisin cookie (again, LOVE them usually) was laced with orange peel or something and had a strong orange/citrus taste. I hated it.

Thus, after a morning of disappointment, I am now laying on the bed at 4:00 in the afternoon, tired, slightly nauseous, but finally happy. Why? Because I have an awesome husband and the world’s cutest dog right here with me, and outside is the gorgeous bright sunshine you can only find in a world-class city like Vancouver.