Rumble Rose

Rumble about to get a haircutSleepy DogRumble Sound AsleepThis is Rumble Rose Turner. He’s pleased to meet you. He’s generally pleased to meet everyone, unless you come into my office, or into our house. Then you’re on his turf and have to play by his rules. Generally that means sitting quietly.

For the unintiated, Rumble Rose Turner is a Miniature Schnauzer and his common name is Rumble. He has some god-awful long name registered with the CKC relating to his parentage, but we won’t go into that. Alternately he has been called everything from Rumble, to DOG!!!. Some common variations include Rumble-b-bumble-b, Rum-bum, Rumble-bum, Buddy and as a puppy Nasty-Pointy-Bitey-One. Thank fully the last one didn’t stick.

Chris and I have pretty much spoiled him, but he’s good spoiled. He loves people and other dogs and has very little sense of propriety or personal space when it comes to either. Like most dogs. He LOVES to play and go on long walks. They say Schnauzers keep going as long as you do, and the cross-Vancouver walks to the dog park in the West End and back seem to prove that statement.

He’s our little holy terror and my constant companion, going to work with me nearly every day. We love him and can’t imagine life without our little Rumble Rose Turner.

* The name Turner has been dropped from our family since Chris has officially taken the name Rose. Hence the edits.