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Sharknado Poster

Sharknado on SyFy

Just to counterbalance the uplifting story of Steve Grand, I’m now going to the far other end of the extreme – possibly of the universe. Yes, the new horror (in many ways) from SyFy – I’m talking Sharknado.

Long ago, the network soon to be known as SyWhy, produced some decent if not good quality content. Ok, I can’t name a single one. It was before when they were The Sci-Fi Channel or something. People used to respect them for picking up their favorite sci-fi shows the networks wouldn’t hold onto.

Then they discovered original programming and everything went to hell. Check out this list on Wikipedia and see how many of their movies you’ve seen. If you get past 3 you should probably assume you’ll love Sharknado and move on to the rest of the internet.

If you’re still with this, let’s run down the list of “stars” and see who needed a new pool this week. Ian (Remember – eye-an) Ziering, Tara (Tar-uh) Reid and John Heard (Heard). Between them they’ve got 240 credits in IMDB. Including the original Beverly Hills 90210! I mean, come on, what’s not to love.

The premise here is simple. Somewhere, somehow a bunch of sharks are swept up into a tornado (or several, this is unclear in the trailer) and then, with pinpoint accuracy never before seen from a tornado (because it’s now a sharknado) the sharks are hurled at the city of Los Angeles. Yup. Los Angeles. Probably because Ziering didn’t get paid enough to leave home.

We are then shown amazing feats of bravery like cutting a shark with a chainsaw, throwing bombs at tornados from helicopters and sharks (having been out of water in a near vacuum for quite a while) flying through apartment windows with their jaws (ha!) chopping and eating people.

I know right – AWESOME. I’m just glad the tornado didn’t catch the Sharktopus. Errr. I need to write a script. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer.

Oh, and Sharknado aired last night, so if your friends are missing, they’re probably at home sick. Or scared. I’d say that SyFy jumped the shark, but they’d make that into a movie somehow.



July 3, 2013

Summer is in full swing in Vancouver. I can tell because the dog and I melt walking to work in the morning.