Rumble Rose and bad dog owners

So our poor little pup, Rumble Rose, had to spend today in the shop for minor repairs.

Translation – we, being bad dog owners, don’t brush his teeth enough and we had to take him to the vet to have it done professionally.

This means he underwent sedation and all kinds of stress, I’m sure. Poor Rumble. Anyway, I got a call from the vet a while ago and they said “We’re happy to tell you that Mr. Rumble Rose is doing just fine!” which is always good news.

During his intake this morning (without breakfast, so he was grumpy) the tech said scary things like “If we have to extract more than 4 teeth, should we call you?” which causes all kinds of panic inducing thoughts.

He also hid a couple of minor lumps checked over. Results for those are still pending, but the vets seemed to think they were just fatty build-ups and nothing too serious. That’d be good news.

In the end, we have to brush Rumble’s teeth more often. Like at all. I’m sure that would help.