Trying something a little different

Last week I did something a little different. I gave a presentation at the Vancouver WordPress Meetup Group January meeting. This isn’t that unusual in the grand scheme of things. Folks who’ve known me for a while know I was the chair of the Amiga Users of Calgary at one time, and an active member for many years. I gave plenty of presentations and chaired meetings, but that was a while ago.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been playing around with building a business directory (2 really) and that was the topic of my presentation. I covered the variety of themes and plugins as well as some general reasons one might build a directory on WordPress.

I felt good about doing this. I was nice to give something back after a couple of years of observing, and to get back into the habit of DOING something.

Chris came along for moral support (cuz that’s what he does) and took a few pictures.