Bad Customer Service

A while ago I ordered a bar code scanner on Amazon for a project I’m working on. I did a bit of researched and picked one that seemed to have a lot of features and a reasonable price. After my research I ordered the Adesso NUSCAN 2100U Document Barcode Scanner and set about waiting.

Adesso NUSCAN 2100U
Amazon in their usual fashion delivered about 3 days early and I eagerly plugged it into my laptop and clicked the trigger while aiming it at a barcode (crazy right). Nothing happened. Note how I didn’t mention reading the instructions. Those instructions consisted of an oversize sheet of paper with French on one side and English on the other, folded into the size of a CD insert. Remember those?

Well, it didn’t work. It booped when I plugged it in and my Mac made some noises. I used the configuration options on the sheet and it made some more noises, but when I opened a text document and scanned a barcode, nothing output. I played for a while, then tried it on Windows and it worked just fine. At least I knew the scanner did work.

I played around a bit more, printed out pages of instructions & configurations from the online manual and still nothing worked. So I did the last thing a “technical guy” wants to do and went to the support system and filed a ticket. I might not have done this had I known I was in for some bad customer service. I say “this scanner” which is vague here, but their help system recorded the scanner, serial number and other details when I started the ticket.

Bad Customer Service Begins

A day or two later, I got a reply. It’s not much of a reply and it’s pretty unclear, so I wrote back asking for clarification. That was February 5, 2014.

Then nothing happened, so I added to the ticket twice more hoping to spur action. The first block is theirs, the rest mine.

Bad Customer Service from

Then I kind of forgot about it until today when I thought to check again. And lo and behold there was a reply and I was happy. Until I read it. The internet carries no sense of tone or emotion, but I felt this reply was full of both.


With this reply, THEY closed the ticket. While this was going on, I opened another ticket since this was was getting no action and referred to this ticket. They deleted the other one. I also emailed their support directly and got no response (except maybe this reply).

To be fair, despite the bad customer service, this reply DID solve my issue, and for that I am grateful. The scanner works perfectly and I can test it on my project tomorrow.

Coincidentally, at Casting Workbook we’re reviewing how we handle customer service replies so this type of thing is top of mind right now.

If I were in charge of customer service at and reviewed this conversation, I would take the agent responsible aside and have a serious conversation with them about how to work WITH customers who are having trouble. For all they knew, this was a test unit for a 20,000 piece order (I wish).

Hopefully someone there will see this, as they don’t seem to have joined the social media age yet. They do have a media & PR email address, maybe I’ll send this blog to them. Threaten them with the 2 or 3 people who might actually read this. Right.