Yup, that’s an iPhone 5S in my pocket

Having braved the hoards this morning, I find myself with a shiny new “Space Grey” iPhone 5S in my pocket.

Unfortunately being Friday and having to work all day, I haven’t had much chance to play with it but my first impressions are that it’s very nice. I had upgraded my iPad 2 to iOS 7 the other day so it wasn’t too new, but it is much nicer on the 5S. Smoother.

I’ve had my iPhone 4 for 3 years, so it was definitely time for me to upgrade and since my contract expired 10 days ago, I was eligible to do it! Woo!

I’ll post some more stuff soon, including some slow-motion video. Probably of Rumble because it’s the only way he slows down AND moves at the same time.