VlogBrothers and the addictive nature of YouTube

vlogbrothersBorderedChris got me hooked on the brothers Green, Hank and John. They have a YouTube channel, VlogBrothers, on which they’ve posted over 500 videos as a series of conversations back and forth, that has really outgrown the original purpose.

They also have a couple of other channels where they present a ton of great educational content in very interesting and engaging ways. Check out SciShow for example.

Anyway – for whatever reason I prefer Hank’s videos to John’s although John certainly has his moments. If you’re looking for some fun – check out VlogBrothers. Here’s an example:

John Green is also a very accomplished author who has a book, The Fault in Our Stars, that is being made into a movie (Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern) and has done touring to promote it. We even see it featured at the Chapters on Robson Street here!