How Rumbled helped me understand coffee

So much StarbucksEvery once in a while an event takes place that helps you see what’s going on more clearly. What you see is not always good, as was the case this morning when I dropped my coffee.

You all know, friends, that I’ve got a mild Starbucks coffee habit. If you don’t, go ask one of the baristas with which I am on first name basis (Shouts to Diary, Sonia, Shinny, Peter & Remy) and they’ll confirm it. They all know my order and sometimes have it ready before I finish paying. This is sometimes a good thing, but most likely not great in the “grand scheme.”

The morning pattern in the Rose house runs something like this. Chris gets up early and works his ass off working out for a few hours, then I get up with the dog. While Chris and I get him ready for his day he inevitably asks “Do you need a coffee? I’ve got a few minutes if we hurry.” to which I sometimes give that confused look that either means “Coffee? Me? Well, I hadn’t thought about it.” or “What’s your deal? Why are you even asking? Why are you playing games?!” after which we bundle everyone up and head out the door with the dog in tow.

Chris heads off walking Rumble so the poor dog (?) can do his morning business and I toddle off to Starbucks where I order the. exact. same. thing. every. day. And they know it. Once in a while when Chris hasn’t had enough breakfast or on a weekend, I append his order to mine. Which causes confused looks (Hi Shinny). We then meet up somewhere between Starbucks and home where I take the dog and head upstairs while Chris runs for the SkyTrain.

This is where today’s tragedy happened. Rumble and I get to the front door and there’s 2 dogs at the curbside doing what they do and a lady with a fuzzy little dog coming to the door. Rumble’s all confused/amazed/surprised/excited by this and is trying to play with/eat them all. I’m digging for my keys with my right hand (thumb aching as usual) and coffee & leash in the left (which is fine).

Dead coffeeAll of a sudden Rumble zigs or zags or something and down goes the cup, which being made of paper and a bit of plastic, immediately pops it’s top and spills all over right outside the front door. And of course the building cleaning lady is standing right there while this happens. Luckily the coffee didn’t land on any dogs or people!

Rumble was not the least bit remorseful and barely even scared. I pick up my cup and leave some dignity on the ground and head upstairs. This is when the realizations happened.

I was processing my grief when I suddenly realized I was processing my grief. Over a cup of coffee. I couldn’t believe I dropped it, I was angry with the dog, I told myself I could cope and get another one, I was sad that I lost it and finally decided to suck it up and head to Starbucks again. Once I was done with the 5 stages I started to think about what had happened and how I felt about it. I mean, it’s just a cup of coffee, but it really affected me. There were no tears or anything even close to that, but to be that upset over an accident of no consequence was a little disheartening.

It all coincides with the new plan that Chris and I have been working toward which includes eating WAY healthier. Green or fruit smoothies for breakfast, something healthy for lunch and dinner. We’ve done really well with this the last few weeks having brown or white rice for most dinners (Pizza snuck in last week) along with various types of fish or chicken preparations. I can’t say it’s fresh fish, but none of it is heavily breaded or battered.

So, I think that’s it. I really need to stop the coffee habit in the mornings. Not just to prevent spillage, but because I’ve got a (first world) problem. Wish me luck. I have some Dino Kale we’re going to try out tomorrow morning!

PS: Being a Starbucks regular helped. I got to line jump and got special treatment. They didn’t have to, but they’re awesome and they did it!