Pacific Rim Review

Pacific Rim posterThis won’t be a very long post, I promise, but in case you’re planning to go see Pacific Rim in a theater, it might be useful.

Guillermo del Toro directs this big summer blockbuster wanna-be and I’ve been looking forward to it for some time. It was delayed over a year while parts were re-worked and re-shot so that often leads to problems in the end result.

TLDR; It’s a great popcorn movie with awesome scale and action sequences.

The short version of the story is one we’ve heard. The Earth is in peril from an unstoppable force – in this case the monsterous Kaiju – creatures coming through an interdimensional rift in the Pacific Ocean. Mankind develops the Jaeger program which symbiotically pairs 2 people in controlling a giant fighting robot. As the Jaeger program begins to fail one last group of Jaeger pilots, including a spunky “he must be the one” kid (who has a personal grudge) and their commander vow to fight back and come up with a plan to end the Kaiju threat once-and-for-all.

Charlie Hunnam stars as the spunky kid who has a grudge and Idris Elba (Heimdall from Thor) is once again in charge of guarding a portal to Midgard – I mean Earth. Among the rest of the crew are the usual love interest (only female in the film), the competitors and the zany scientists.

These last 2, played by Torchwood’s Burn Gorman and Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) really PISSED me off. Day plays a poor-man’s Shia LaBeouf against Gorman’s crazy and they just seem to be there to provide a deus ex machina at the end and chew on scenery. Remember John Turturro in Transformers? Yeah. That kind of scenery. And they eventually run into Ron Perlman who chews through some more. Sit through about 5 minutes of the credits where he gets a little more to chew on.

Now, even with all of those problems (and that’s just the surface) this movie was REALLY fun. The robot sequences are great, the scope that del Toro creates is awesome and inspired. He really created the sense of scale that giant robots and monsters need. I enjoyed this movie mostly by putting my brain in neutral and just running with the chaos.

Don’t expect much from it, but expect a good ride. We saw it in UltraAVX Real D 3D at ScotiaBank Centre in Vancouver and it wasn’t packed. I think the 3D actually did help the experience this time.

And if you see it, leave me a comment here and tell me if the ending seemed familar. I mean, it was an Iron clad ending that didn’t quite Avenge the rest of the movie. See for yourself. <wink>