New on TV – The Finder

Fox brought out a new show this past week called The Finder, from Hart Hanson who created Bones. Chris and I liked Bones from the beginning. And then we stopped watching it about 2 years ago, when they kept pushing the characters and stopped with the procedural/forensic aspect. Ugh.

The Finder stars Geoff Stults (of 7th Heaven, October Road and Happy Town – none of which I’ve ever watched), Michael Clark Duncan (The Green Mile) and Mercedes Masöhn (who?).

Stults plays Walter Sherman, a war vet with some form of trauma that makes him able to find anyone and anything. And he won’t stop. He’s good at what he does. At least in the third act, before that he makes several wrong turns. His sidekick Leo and a US Marshall round out the team. Oh, and the little girl the courts assigned to him. What?

Apparently almost nobody watched this show, and most of them didn’t like it. I’ll go out on a limb and say I find it quirky & interesting. Fox introduced this during Bones last year to try to draw the audience, which is why I watched it.

I hope it lasts. It has a Burn Notice type feel (filmed in Florida) visually (but softer) and a nice attempt at an ensemble.

Good luck!