Movie Review: Sharktopus (2010) – Why?

Ok, so as you read this review you’re not allowed to ask ANY questions. None. Ok?

So, last night I watched Sharktopus.

Nope. No questions. That was the rule.

I think Eric Roberts just wanted a Mexican vacation. That’s the only reason he would have made this movie, right?

Let’s remember that this is a Roger Corman movie. Yes. Roger Freakin’ Corman. King of the horrible movie.

This thing was horrible from the start. Corman seems to think that it takes 5 minutes of postcard video to establish a location, which is bad enough.

His beaches are full of women. No men. Just women, as if he shot the whole thing on the Island of Lesbos.

The writing was terrible. Or perhaps that was the fault of the “actors” who spoke them. They were just as terrible. The whole thing reminds me of a student film with an FX budget.

The effects reminded me of SeaQuest DSV in the beginning. Which was forgivable in 1993, less so in 2010.

The story was weak, the editing and photography would make the Razzy Awards cringe & look away. The director’s credits for directing and writing read like a what’s what of bad movies for the SyFy channel.

Actually now that I’m 25 minutes in, the FX aren’t too bad at times. Sharktopus just jumped out of the ocean and ate a bungie jumper! Nicely done.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and RUN if anyone suggests this movie.