It’s been how long?

So, back to the dog for a minute.

This past Saturday, October 1, marked the 5 year anniversary of Rumble coming into our lives. Most days it feels like he’s been around forever!

Chris and I had talked about wanting a dog for a LONG time before we got Rumble. Like 6 months or more. We both agreed that keeping a dog of any size locked up in an apartment/condo for 8 hours was a bad idea. Borderline evil.

Luckily, I work in a dog friendly office so that wasn’t an issue (at least in theory) so I would be able to bring a dog to work.

Another issue was “What kind of dog?” and boy was that an issue.

First, it had to be an apartment dog, which at the time meant under 20lbs full grown as we were renting

Second, it had to be hypo-allergenic because owning a dog isn’t fun if you’re dead. I am allergic.

Third, it couldn’t be a purse dog! (We’re gay, but not that gay.)

Fourth, it had to be a boy. (We’re that gay.)

So we set out to find the most butch tiny hypo-allergenic dog possible. And that’s not easy. Hence, the Miniature Schnauzer was on the list, and based on their temperament and other factors, they became the shortlist.

We identified a few breeders, made a bunch of phone calls and found DreamMaker Kennels, then of Surr Langley and made contact. Before they’d see us, we had to fill out some paperwork. It was 8 pages of question on why we would make good dog owners and they should let us give them money for a puppy. It was extremely thorough and asked all the questions we’d asked ourselves.

Where will it sleep? What will it eat? What will happen during the work day? etc, etc.

Rumble is afraid of us.It took us like 3 hours to fill it out. They liked our answers and granted us a visit the next day. At which point Chris met Rumble and that was that.

We looked at about 4 puppies they had, but at some point Chris picked up this one and fell in love. I didn’t get to meet the pup at that point I don’t think.

So, we finished all the paperwork and adopted our championship stock puppy, but swore to never show him. Or breed him. Probably other stuff too, but we were buying a pet, not a trophy.

We made the long trek home by SkyTrain, scared of what was happening the entire way. Then Rumble spent about 3 hours in his little carrier refusing to come out.

We ended up coaxing him out with food (which would set a tone for the future).

Ever since then, Rumble Rose has been a constant fixture in our lives. Most of the time everything revolves around him and his schedule. Feeding (and the inverse), sleeping and playing all have to be accommodated, not to mention vacations, travel, movies, food, sex, shopping, work, television and more.

Yep. He has us pretty tightly wrapped around one or more of this tiny furry paws and we wouldn’t have it any other way.