TV 2012 – Better? Or Worse?

So, the fall TV Season is starting. And you know how we are about our TV shows.

Now that we’ve had the premiere’s, what’s the score on what we watched?

Now Showing:

Person of Interest (Jim Caviezel & Michael Emmerson) – Interesting premise, great characters, JJ Abrams involved, hard to go wrong.

Unforgettable (Poppy Montgomery & Dylan Walsh) – Interesting premise, hate Poppy’s accent. Overall, forgettable.

Glee (Ensemble) – I’ll keep watching, but they need to do something interesting & original.

Castle (Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic) – Continuously worth watching. Engaging characters etc. The tension helps diffuse the humor.

The Mentalist (Simon Baker & Robin Tunney) – They kinda blew up all the characters at the end of the season, and yet nothing stuck. Baker’s a delight to watch, but the Red John storyline needs to either end or get demoted.

Fringe (Joshua Jackson & Anna Torv) – This season will be subtitled “Where’s Peter?” and only astute viewers will spot him behind Walter at various moments. And what’s up with the Observers?

The Big Bang Theory (Jim Parsons & Johnny Galecki) – After sleeping with Penny, Raj comes out of the closet. Sheldon & Amy have a baby and Leonard moves to India. Bazinga. Just watch the show.

How I Met Your Mother (Ensemble) – the story drags on, and on, and on. But it’s funny enough to keep watching. Still no answer to the “Why does Ted grow up to be Bob Saget?” mystery.

Coming Soon:

Happy Endings (Ensemble) – Best new comedy of last season is back this week. Watch this show if you thought Friends was cool at one point, but sucked later. Or if you hated Friends (like me).

Terra Nova (Jason O’Mara) – Earth 2, with more dinos, less aliens, and no Clancy Brown. Sounds good.

House (Hugh Laurie & ?) – Cuddy’s gone, House is in jail. Now what?

Chris made a list of things we watch, but I can’t find it. For now this will do.

Overall, the 2012 season is starting with a lot of promise. Let’s hope it can sustain that.