Glee – Season 3

So, Glee’s third season started this past Tuesday and we finally watched it this morning.

We’re good gays. We celebrated Sunday with home-made brunch and Glee. It was fab!

Ok, I won’t do that again.

But seriously, Glee was – meh.

So here’s what you missed on Glee.

Sam’s dad got a job offer and they’ve moved out of state, which affected Mercedes so much she want from dating the puny white boy to dating a giant black guy.

Sue is running for Congress on a platform of banning all arts education in the district, just to get back at Will.

Santana is co-captaining the Cheerios with Becky and they hate each other. Sue made them light a piano on fire and Santana was dismissed from New Directions.

Will is living with Emma, who packs his lunch into a Superman lunchbox every morning. He packs hers too but I missed the logo. They haven’t had sex yet, and Will is horny. There, I said it.

Quinn has gone all Madonna in VisionQuest or something and is hanging out with The Skanks. A group of girls who’s self-image is as bad as their hygiene apparently. “Quinn, your friend smells like soap, make her go away.”

Blaine has moved to McKinley to be with Kurt, who recently had his and Rachel’s dream of moving to New York dashed twice in one week. Once when they found out Julliard didn’t have a musical theatre program, and next when they went to a meeting for a local college and found out they suck in comparison. Oops.

And that’s what you missed on Glee.


Oh – the highlight was Blaine doing “It’s not unusual” – he was great, despite the clothes.