What I did on my summer vacation – Part B

So, Tuesday morning, bright and early, Chris and I slipped out of our warm bed and stepped onto the cold, cold wood floors we had installed. Apparently air conditioning makes the floors really, really cold. (Note to self: need small mats for bedside)

As usual, Rum got his walk and since we’d terrorized him the day before (spending the day driving around), we didn’t do anything too mean. We left him home in his solarium/jungle while we headed out. To Ikea – aka, Land of the Lost. Where we had their $4 breakfast. Actually 4 x $1.00 breakfasts, plus bacon plus drink. This is s decision that haunted us on Wednesday.

The gaping void of the fireplace

The gaping void of the fireplace

The purpose of the trip was to find a new entertainment center/unit/table/bench -thing to replace the horrible fireplace that we had removed. This removal left us with a bit of a mess as it was screwed AND glued to the wall, not to mention tied into the electric.

Yep, ugly, right? About what you’d expect. Paint doesn’t match, hole in the carpet, patches of missing drywall. Not to mention nowhere to put the TV that was previously atop said monstrosity.

So, Ikea proved useless, but we did find a nice area rug for Rumble, a small mat for the fan, a small bookshelf and assorted other things we probably didn’t need.

Then Chris said the horrible words nobody should ever say.

“Hey, do you wanna stop at Walmart on the way home?”

And we did. And it was…. sticky.

But we did manage to find an entertainment center that was quite nice, but didn’t actually exist except for the demo unit. So we moved 4 feet and found another one. And it was deemed perfect. And heavy. Whoa was it heavy. Stupid tempered glass.

Afterward, we spent about 1/2 an hour discussing dog food with Celine at Tisol on the Grandview Highway. The vet had suggested Rumble go on an Kangaroo or Emu diet. $110US per case. I don’t think so.

Instead we settled on NRG dehydrated food as a source of all things different. $30CDN per case. Yeah, that’s better.

The rest of Tuesday was occupied with the ongoing cleanup and also putting together the new entertainment shelves. Ugh. Not bad though, less than 2 hours, only a couple of mistakes. You know that was going to happen with 30 instructional steps on paper, PLUS a 20 minute DVD you are “advised” to watch prior to assembly.

The new entertainment unit

The new entertainment unit

Question: How are you supposed to watch a DVD about assembling the entertainment unit if you don’t have a place to put the TV until you’ve assembled the entertainment unit?

I know, right? Thankfully our laptops work. We watched the DVD at triple speed thanks to VLC media player. Much more entertaining.

So, now we have new floors, new rugs, new bookshelf, new entertainment center and still somewhat of a mess to clean up. This whole “have someone install the floors for you” is not necessarily as easy as it sounds.