What I did on my summer vacation – Part 1

So, Chris and I arranged a few days off together. A full week in fact! Not that unusual, last year we took 2 full weeks in Ontario.

We didn’t really have anything planned for this time, but we did take the opportunity to finally have laminate floors installed, to replace the carpet that Rumble had… damaged over the last 4 years. And what a nightmare that’s been.

First thing, we love the floors! They make the place look much better, and even though they’re dark, the house doesn’t feel darker.

Monday morning (officially day 1 since Chris worked Sunday night), starts with us packing EVERYTHING out of 1/2 of the condo into the other half. Packed. So tight that if we closed the solarium door, we may not get it open again. So full that we couldn’t even think about entering the kitchen or storage room.

Even the bathtub got a temporary resident.

Long story short – floors take a long time, even in about 300 square feet. And there will be dust EVERYWHERE if you don’t have an outside space for cutting. The number of Swiffers we’ve used could clean … bunches of space.

Now, Thursday after Monday install, we finally have everything back in order. The changes necessitated the purchase of 3 small rugs, a new TV stand and about 100 little felt feet. We packed the place up in about 2 hours. It took us 2 days to get everything sorted.

It all felt like moving day. At various points it both looked and felt like we were moving either in or out. We even ordered pizza and bought Chris some beer.

The nightmare part is the mess that the installer made. The floors are great, but he managed to make a mess everywhere. Broken baseboards, chunks of floor in the bathroom, purple goop on the walls, smears on the floor etc. We’ve filed a complaint with the company and are anxious to see if they even reply, now that they have the money.

If not, expect a big post about them here, with names and pictures. Yes, it’s a little like blackmail. Here’s a sample photo. Still a bit of mess, but we’re getting there.