The Walking Dead poster

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead posterIn 2010, AMC launched it’s new series, The Walking Dead. A modern Zombie story about a group of people who find themselves among the last surviving members of the human race, at least in the Atlanta Area.

The story centers on Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln. Rick was a police officer who was hospitalized during the zombie outbreak and wakes up to a world gone mad. He’s been in a coma for a good while and has no clue what happened.

Conveniently, he meets up with some good people, and ends up conveniently, finding the group that his wife & son are with. As is his former partner, who’s been having an affair with his wife. Hilarity ensues. Well, except for the zombies.

You don’t see that many zombies in modern television but with the success of the vampires and werewolves these days, you can see why they want their own series!

Chris and I watch the short first season (6 episodes) and I thought we liked it. When we heard they were coming back for a second season, I was happy. Chris has cooled on the whole zombie narrative however. So I’ll be on my own.

During San Diego ComicCon this week, the trailer for season 2 was revealed and it’s hard core. They are really ratcheting things up, and apparently moving back toward the original comic/graphic novel story, despite last year’s CDC storyline.

Anyway – here’s the trailer. WARNING – It’s graphic.