Ok, now what?

So, I’m running out of television already.

I’m caught up on True Blood, so I’m stuck waiting for the weeklies like everyone else. And with Sookie and the boys in such a state, I can hardly manage. I’m also caught up on Hoarders, and the last episode was a cop-out where are they now episode.

We’re giving up on Burn “The A-Team” Notice, and Lever-“The A-Team”-age.

So here I am. I can’t do re-runs. Well, some shows (Big Bang Theory) tend to hold up, but most of the time they just bore me. “Yeah, I remember the joke” or “This guy got arrested last time too.”

And apparently the world of torrents is void of HGTV programs. Don’t ask me what it offered when I searched for House Hunters! (Hint: Lesbian House Hunters) – which is not the same at all.

I discovered a missing half season of Hoarders. That helps, but 6 episodes only last so long.

2 thoughts on “Ok, now what?

    1. Jeff Post author

      I always saw him more as “Faceman” with a bit of Hannibal. Bruce Campbell seems like more of BA with a bit of Murdock. Unless Fiona is Murdock which is possible.

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