Movie Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man

Coming next summer is the new re-boot of the Spider-man franchise. After Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi royally fucked up the last movie, I’m glad they’re both out of the picture.

So – now what? A reboot. Hollywood’s way of saying “Yeah, we screwed up, so we’re gonna start all over again and you can just forget any of those other movies happened. Oh, and we’re gonna shove the origin story down your throat again. And again in the sequels.”

This time out – Andrew Garfield is the titular Spider-man. I like that word. Titular. No, now I don’t.

Garfield you should recognize from the brilliant “The Social Network” about Facebook. Also he’s adorable and super fit. So of course I hate the bugger (ha!). Ok, enough puns.

Anyway, the trailer just hit the inter-webs (ha!) and I really liked the look. I hope the POV stuff at the end is either not in the movie or at least used very little!