Movie Review: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is a movie Chris and I wanted to catch in a theatre, but a) the timing didn’t work and b) it probably wasn’t worth $30 to do.

Turns out, it’s not a terrible movie.

So, a while ago Dylan (Brandon Routh)’s fiance Cassandra was killed by a group of Vampires. And he got out of the business of working for the undead. Oh yeah, New Orleans is an undead haven apparently.

Since then, he’s been a legit P.I. doing divorce cases and other stuff with his assistant Marcus (Sam Huntington). So, importer gets killed, they take the case, turns out it’s supernatural (Werewolf) and then Marcus becomes a zombie. And a whiny one at that.

Dylan and the importer’s daughter are hot on the case of the vampires, no – werewolves, no- ghouls?, no wait – yes, vampires, I think, who did this. With things like a “body shop” where zombies buy replacement parts and vampires who sell their blood to make people strong etc (True Blood anyone).

Turns out things aren’t what they seem and in the end, a giant monster is born to destroy all of the undead. And of course must be stopped.

This is about the only New Orleans based movie where not a single New Orleans/Cajun accent is heard. At all.

Overall, I’d give this one a 3.5 / 5 stars.