Captain America: The First Avenger poster

Movie Review: Captain America – The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger posterSo, last week was ComicCon San Diego, which is always a huge geek-fest. Coming out of ComicCon among all the stories were a TON about the upcoming The Avengers movie. If you’re not a comic book geek, think X-Men. If that still doesn’t make sense, stop reading.

The Avengers movie has been hinted at as a teaser at the end of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 and now Captain America – The First Avenger and has fanboys everywhere washing their bedsheets regularly. (Think about it for a minute, you’ll get it)

So, back to the point at hand. Captain American. Tiny stick of a boy, Steve Rogers, desperately wants to serve his country, but has everything wrong with him, except polio I think. But his tenacity catches the eye of a defected German scientist working for the US government on a Super Soldier program, having failed back in Germany.

Steve get’s injected, turns into the hunky Chris Evans and goes on to win the war for the US. Or close.

I saw a preview a while back that made me think of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which was pretty crappy and didn’t give me much hope for Cap’s movie. But thank god I was wrong.

Except for the rah-rah-USA number in the middle, which made it’s point about 30 times more than needed, the movie holds together pretty well. The FX were good, the story got you cheering for Cap etc. and the bookends of his discovery in the ice make a nice tie-in for The Avengers.

Chris gave it a 7.5 and I gave it a 7. It’s a comic book movie, but the anachronisms are a bit much. I know the tree of power cube, or the Energon or whatever is key, and comes back again in The Avengers, but do we really believe that in the 1940’s the German’s had this (or anyone) and didn’t manage to disintegrate everyone? Really?

Anyway, as a lead in to The Avengers, this is a pretty decent movie. As a popcorn movie, it succeeds as well. So if you’re looking for somewhere cool to hide from the heat and have some fun, then this is a good choice.

Chris Evans in Captain America