Guilty Pleasures

So I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a few “Guilty Pleasures” when it comes to TV, and I’m not afraid to admit them. Partly because I’ve already revealed them. Examples:

  1. Almost anything (real estate shows mostly, but also design) – Like Million Dollar Listings and House Hunters
  2. COPS – Yep. Trashy
  3. Judge Joe Brown & Peoples Court – Yep. Trashier
  4. Canada’s Worst Handyman/Driver
  5. Hoarders / Hoarding: Buried Alive – These are new, but I’ve gone through all 3 seasons of the former
  6. Paranormal shows. These are low, low on the list, but I have watched Ghost Hunters and kin a few times and find it fascinating how silly they are.

In fact, it’s “How silly they are” that draws me to some of the worst shows I watch. I find them entertaining, and there’s life lessons. Seriously. Watch COPS once or twice and tell me it’s not a cautionary tale about staying in school and doing well.

Mostly, I “like” them for the simple “brain in neutral” pleasure of them. I don’t have to think, follow any characters or narrative, choose who to cheer for or anything. Just sit back and relax.

I’m still waiting for the COPS / Judge Joe Brown cross-over you know is coming.