It’s Easter Time!

Anybody who knows me knows I’m not a religious guy so my celebration of a dramatically Christian event may be surprising.

Stick with me.

It’s all about the chocolate and bunnies. Bunnies are cute, chocolate is delicious, and zombies are cool.

Wait what?

Stick with me.

Easter is all about Jesus’ miraculous rise from the dead, right? Just like a zombie! Think about that for a minute.

So, at some point, the kids over at ThinkGeek created an April Fools prank featuring a chocolate zombie easter bunny (Or is it zombie chocolate easter bunny?) And people went NUTS for it. So, flash to today and after everyone clamoring for it, someone made the prank into a real product.

Seriously. Chocolate, bunnies, zombies and Easter. All brought together in a single delicious product.

Chocolate zombie bunny
Chocolate zombie bunny

And yes, I’m fairly certain I’m going to hell. Not just for this post.

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