Where have you been?

So, apparently it’s been just this side of FOREVER since I posted. Actually, only a full month since Justin Bieber died.

And you might be asking yourself “Where the hell is Jeff?” (or you might not)

Today, I’d like to answer that question. Errrr. Yeah. I’ve been here, around, and over there a little bit.

My day job has kept me pretty busy. I’ve been helming, driving and generally doing (the work for) a conversion of Casting Workbook into a multi-lingual website. Or at least bi-lingual to start with. What does that mean? We want to take Quebec. For those outside Canada, you may not know that Quebec is a little different from the rest of us. First, they speak French, but even that’s a little different. Second, they want to separate from Canada. Third, both of those come with a TON of politics, so doing business there is challenging for outsiders.

I don’t know how many files I changed (agents alone was over 200 files), but we had nearly 3000 words & phrases translated, not including the public site or help files. Some help files alone were over 10,000 words.

When our first phase was done, 4 of us went to Montreal for a couple of days (like not quite 3, from the time we left to the time we got back) to put on an event and introduce us and put a face to the company. It was awesome. Except.

Except I managed to lose my engagement ring the first night I was there. Goofing around in the snow, my hand got cold and wet and the ring slipped off. I was very sad that night, but despite advice to the contrary, I told Chris right away. Certain people thought I should quietly replace it. Yeah, lying to your spouse is seldom a good idea.

Our event was held at L’Orignal (The moose), a rustic little basement restaurant that you’d probably pass if you didn’t know it. Our host Shaun introduced us to the owner, Travis, who I thought looked familiar. Turns out he was a carpenter on the TV show Debbie Travis’ Facelift some time ago. Neat.

So, after that, we came back to enjoy more work and preparation, because 3 days later our newest partners were flying in for training! Yep. 3 days and onto the next. They came, they saw, they were great. I’m not saying much because it’s still fairly new.

That was last week. They left on Tuesday night, so now we had 5 days left to get ready for our sales team to arrive for a week of meetings and strategy. Wow.

There have been a few personal bumps that I’ll include in another post shortly.

Chris has been fantastic through all of this. From me working extra hours (and days), me coming home exhausted or alternately jazzed on coffee and Diet Pepsi, to me leaving the dog with him for 3 days, he hasn’t complained at all. This is one of many reasons I love him so much. I brought him a silly t-shirt from Montreal. It wasn’t much but he really didn’t need/want any of the touristy crap most places sell.

All that while he’s been learning his “new” job (almost 3 months) and working some pretty wonky/changing shifts. Next month he’s basically Monday to Friday, 9-5 so that’ll be nice. Month after that he’s supposedly on nights again. <sigh>

Through all of that, I haven’t even touched my personal projects. I’ve got 3 plugins for WordPress either mid-coding or well thought out. I want them done, so I can get them launched, but just haven’t had the time or energy.

Hopefully things will be slowing down or changing enough at work that I’ll have the brain power left to do something at the end of the day.

But now the sun is starting to come out, meaning spring is here and summer is around the corner, so that’ll be another distraction, but a very very happy and welcome one.

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  1. Christopher

    It’s very nice of you to say those things about me, sweetie- but people are gonna starting thinking I drag a cross around behind me wherever I go! 😉

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