Justin Bieber is dead

, long live Justin Bieber.

I pick on Bieber a lot, because he’s an easy target (ha ha), but this has been a busy week for the Bieber.

Not only did Glee do a tribute to the Biebs, but his CSI character got a lot of attention.

I have to say that I loved the Glee episode (Chris turned it off as soon as “Puffy Lips” (Chord Overstreet) started singing Baby), but I stuck it out and was handsomely rewarded. Not only were the Glee boy’s renditions of Baby and Somebody To Love pretty good (and them in their hoodies) – but the diva-off between Mercedes and Rachel doing Take Me or Leave Me from Rent was great.

Sue’s suggestion they do a real anthem, and then doing My Chemical Romance’s Sing is a questionable choice. I guess it’s a “modern day” anthem as opposed to the legendary rock anthems I was thinking/hoping they might do. Strong enough for Regionals? Who knows how the writers will play it. Depends on the iTunes sales I think. Anyway, I downloaded this and the original. Good week for music.

Back to Bieber.

I have not seen CSI in a few years, specifically none of the episodes with Justin in them, and really don’t know about his character.

All I know is that I got a chuckle out of the above animated GIF. Mainly because I poke fun. Yes, I know constantly talking about him “really” means that I like Justin. Just like Lady MacBeth.

I do draw the line at seeing a movie about him. No 16 year old needs a feature film biography.