Stop what you’re doing!

A few years ago (actually just over 6 years ago), I discovered the Jim Collins book “Good To Great” and read it over the Christmas holidays. Jim tells about his research project on how 2 similar companies at similar points with similar opportunities end up at different levels. One company stays a “good” company (or worse) and the other becomes a “great” company.  It’s a fascinating read.

One of the concepts that comes out of it (aside from The Hedgehog Concept) is that of “stop what you’re doing” as a way to make your company great. This means to make clear, conscious decisions about what you SHOULD be doing, and do more of that, while also deciding what tasks/processes you do that detract from your focus, energy and business.

I’ve been advocating this at my 9-5 for some time, but haven’t been too good about applying it to my personal life and projects. Each time I see something shiny (not quite get-rich-quick but seem like a good idea), I get excited. Until recently. I’ve finally wrapped my head around it (or pulled my head out of my ass) and started IGNORING things that aren’t part of my focus. That’s not to say that my focus won’t change from time to time, but I think I’ve got a handle on what I’m doing.

I’ve also stopped renewing some of my domains. Apparently I owned about 30. And I’m not doing anything with some of them. They are, in fact, just time/energy drains. Not to mention financial. Each one is only about $10 a year, but together that’s $300 and if they aren’t earning their keep, why bother.

So – early in this new year of 2011 – what should YOU stop doing? How can you reset your focus on what’s IMPORTANT or USEFUL in your life?