Mind your mind

Another of those “life lesson” type things today.

The new project I started back in the fall is a bigger size. It’s been re-written at least twice already as I learn new things. I love learning new things, and these will ultimately make the project just that much better, so I don’t mind. It’s also not stopping me from moving forward with new code/features as well. Best of both worlds.

Where does the “Mind your mind” come from? Well, I thought I was building a software/plugin of type X, but after reading an email today, I realized that I was wrong. My mind had been telling me “stories” based on assumptions, and things I had read about competing projects.

While it was important to understand those competitors, what was more important was for me to evolve my understanding of what I was fundamentally building.

By actually keeping an open mind and understanding how what I was reading was REALLY what I was building, my eyes were opened. It means a fundamental shift in HOW I design the project and the importance of some of the features. And it will ultimately affect the marketing of the product.

It may also change the name of the project.