It’s all about the scare

Happy Halloween. Wait. It’s November 3? Crap.

Ok, so this past weekend, not being able to download, buy or stream The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the last minute, we resorted to watching Harry Potter and the Age of Puberty. No, it was Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. This isn’t exactly Halloween fair, but we saw a bunch of little (and very big) Harry’s running around (and a Malfoy) so it must be something. Creepy in places, very dark, but not scary.

Chris and I differ in our opinions of a good scary movie. I love scary movies, he doesn’t so much. Thus to him a good scary movie is one he can do other things while “watching.” We watched Paranormal Activity a couple of weeks ago and I found it laughable and never got even slightly worked up. Chris wasn’t scared or ‘nuthin, but he “watched it” while playing with his iPhone and cleaning the kitchen.

Because Chris isn’t a fan, I’ve fallen out of my habit of watching scary movies and I’m way, way behind. I am looking for recommendations though. If you want to leave me a comment with your favorites, I’d appreciate it.

But it’s got to be GOOD. Like interesting, unique, no huge love story for the hero, very few boobs (none is better) and a decent story. Shit like The Ring will not pass.

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