Hello, Internet? Can you hear me?

In the last year or 2, we’ve replaced our router 3 times. Primarily for technical reasons.

First, we went WiFi with our laptops, netbooks, phones, WDTV Live and Wii . I think the toaster is connected too.

Then we decided that wasn’t good enough. Transferring a movie from our computer to the drive attached to the WDTV Live was taking too long, so we needed (yep) to update to 802.11 N because it’s faster. And that was cool. Except we found out that Chris’s Netbook isn’t compatible so he’s still on the slow connection.

For some reason, the D-Link router we were using kept dropping out. I constantly updated the firmware etc and made sure our computers were up to date as well, but nothing worked. Nearly every day we had to reboot the router in order to get online again. I think the longest we went was about 3 days.

Finally we decided to upgrade and see what happens. So, I did a bunch of research and found that the NetGear WNDR 3700 was getting good reviews and great performance. It also uses 2 different frequencies, including the 5GHz range. Apparently the 2.4GHz range is getting crowded with other devices like wireless phones etc. So 5GHz means less interference.

Once again, it turns out that Chris’s netbook isn’t 5GHz compatible. But my laptop is.

Regardless, once we upgraded, all of our problems seem to have stopped. We’ve been on this new setup for 2 weeks and it’s been flawless. My speed is AMAZING and consistent. Yay! We may have finally rectified the problem. As an added bonus, the router features RapidShare meaning that we can plug a hard drive into it and have instant access to shared files throughout the house. Neat.

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