The End Of An Era

Anybody who knows me knows that I have an addiction to Starbucks. Specifically to Venti Sugar Free Vanilla Americanos. And can occasionally be talked down to a grande. Well, that has come to an end thanks to the new HST (and the urging of my beloved husband).

This morning I went to Starbucks for my final hurrah, and because we lacked Splenda for homemade beverages and bought my usual drink and pastry for the first time since the HST went into effect. Not that I haven’t had it in the last 5 days, but we were in Ontario so the taxes were different, plus I usually was buying something for Chris and didn’t know the exact effect of the tax.

Well, let me tell you.

My beloved morning combo has gone from $5.88 to $6.27 with the new HST. That’s a $0.40 rise in the price. Way to much.

So, Starbucks, as much as I love you (and I do), there’s no way to justify this price for me. Even having it on just Saturday and Sunday (which I may still do) would amount to just over $650 per year! That’s an extra mortgage payment!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be back to brewing coffee in my Tassimo, making cereal or toast for breakfast and drinking a lot more free coffee at work.

Unless the good folks at 6/49 or Lotto Max finally shine upon us, and then I’ll buy my own Starbucks. But I don’t believe that will happen.

One thought on “The End Of An Era

  1. Chris Turner

    You’re a strong guy! I have faith in you to kick your habit. Excuse me while I go buy a ten-pack of powershots.

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