Now that’s my kind of job!

Lego BlackberryNathan Sawaya is a Lego Artist – a job title that not many people can lay claim to. And man is he good.

A Lego City
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Take a look at his latest creation over there —>

Nathan has created this Lego model of a BlackBerry for the BlackBerry developer conference coming up and this is just the latest example of his work.

Like I said, this is my kind of job. I’m sure it’s not easy and something like this one must be a technical challenge since it has to be vertical, support it’s own weight – oh, and contain a functioning television!

My brother, Brad, and I used to spend many, many hours in the basement playing building with Lego. We built entire cities, a fully functional and accurate football stadium and many abstract creations. The football stadium had concession stands on the outside and a store! It was huge and we were very proud of it. I won’t tell you how old we were at the time.

Unfortunately time moved on and we moved out of the house. Neither of us could afford to, nor had room to, take the Lego we had amassed with us and it was left behind. Eventually Brad managed to sell it but for a LOT less than it should have gone for. I miss it.

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