Olympics Weekend – The Second

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So, this was the second weekend of the Olympics in Vancouver and things have certainly kicked up a notch or two!

Holy cow it’s so busy everywhere. We spent hours standing in line to see some of the Olympic pavillions or “houses” as they’re called.

By and large, they have NOT been worth the time spent in line. Here’s the ones that we saw and a rating…

  • Royal Canadian Mint – 25 minutes for the non-medal line up. Time inside 10 minutes. Rating: 5/10
    We saw the $1,000,000 gold coin, and lifted the gold ingot. Whee!
  • Maison Du Quebec – 25 minutes for the lineup before they opened. Time inside 2 minutes. Rating: -50 / 10
    Inside was another line to buy food/drink ($10 for a beer) and an empty stage with the promise of “entertainment” coming up soon. Uh – pass.
  • Sotchi House – 2 hour lineup before it opened. We left.
  • Ontario House – 2 hour lineup. We’ve been to Ontario, nothing they can do to tart it up will make us stand in line.
  • Saskatchewan House – 15 minute line up. We could see it from the minute we got there and we saw it behind us as we left.
    Yes, that’s my take on the “My dog ran away 2 days ago and I could still see him” joke.
  • Costco House – not an official house. 5 minutes in line, 2 minute wait for fried “pub” food. Failure to see what the fuss is about. Rating: 7/10, because were were hungry.
  • Turner-Rose House – No line-up, good company, cheap food, comfortable surroundings and no crowds. We strongly advise you visit this one. Rating: 10/10

    We also recommend our Welcoming Emissary! He’ll make you feel welcome!

  • Royal Canadian Mint celebrates first Canadian gold medal with medallion and commemorative coin (newswire.ca)
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