Maybe I need an intervention

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Anybody who knows me even a bit knows I’ve got a Starbucks addiction, but I’m trying to kick it.

In Downtown Vancouver, there is a Starbucks location within a few (read 2) blocks of just about everywhere. In the last 3 places I/We have lived, there’s been one within a block. And there is one within a block of my office.

Seriously, I didn’t plan it, but I think Starbucks did.

A few years ago I went to Yuma, Arizona for Christmas to visit my dad and step-mother and was tired most of the time I was there. I came up with my Starbucks Conspiracy Theory. Basically, the reason I was tired wasn’t that I wasn’t drinking coffee but rather, in Vancouver the air is so saturated with caffeine from one coffee shop or another (Starbucks, Blendz, Cafe D’Artigiano, etc) that you live in an artificially caffeinated state whether you like it or not.

So, this past weekend Starbucks finally released a store locator app for the iPhone into the Canadian iTunes store!

For me, it’s not about locating a store in Vancouver, it’s about remembering which stores are good (clean bathrooms, friendly staff) among the 100s there seem to be downtown.

And of course it will come in handy when we’re out of our comfort zone and I need a fix.

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5 thoughts on “Maybe I need an intervention

  1. Carol

    That app is actually cool, we’ve had it in the states and used it a few times when I was traveling to find starbucks.

    I love your theory on the caffeine in the air, if that were really true!!

    1. Jeff Post author

      Yep, I’ve had the US app on my phone for a while, but it’s nice to see them realize that Canada is important too!

  2. Carol

    What even neater is the card app, using your iphone to pay. I got to do it finally in Cupertino it was really cool!! I wish they get it in LA, but probably not for a while.

  3. Christopher

    Who’s my poor bean junkie. Tsk, I’m gonna call “Intervention” and see if we can get you on the show. 🙂

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