Yeah, I’m still here…

I haven’t posted in a week, and after the last time, people have been emailing, calling and generally asking “Are you ok?”

Yes, I’m fine.

We have no clue what caused the hospital visit last weekend. All those tests were clear, and so was my cardiac-stress test on Tuesday. Boy what fun that was.

Anyway, it’s been almost a week, I’ve been tested, poked and prodded a few times and nothing happened. Which is good and bad. Good because it means there’s nothing big and obvious wrong. Bad because it means we don’t know what caused it. I would like to know – no matter what it is, knowledge is power.

Today was an amazing! day. Chris and I grabbed a ZipCar to take Rumble for his bi-monthly haircut so he was less of a furry little monster. It also helps with the “post-walk grooming” shall we say.

Rumble's new cut - againRight now, we’ve been home about an hour and Rumble is curled up on his bed, happily sound asleep knowing that his dads aren’t going to mess with him any time soon. He’s also exhausted from the playtime he got while waiting for his turn at the groomers.

Fetch in North Vancouver is a HIGHLY recommended place. They keep to their timelines, the dogs are always happy and comfortable. We tried the Kerrisdale location once and they were great too.

We also found a pop-can crusher! We’ve been looking for one everywhere we go. We found them online, but they’re expensive. HomeSense at Park Royal had them for $12.99. They’re supposed to be wall mounted but we don’t trust our walls and it seems to work just fine (if awkwardly) by hand! Yeah recycling.

By the way, Chris expounds on Rumble and the trip to North Van on his blog. Give it a read.