How I got Lucky on Sunday…

Don't PanicFirst, for those friends and family reading this – DON’T PANIC! The story I’m about to tell is true, but there is nothing to worry about.

Sunday morning started like any other. Relaxing wake up around 8:00, husband lying beside me, dog sleeping at the foot of the bed, smell of coffee brewing from the other room, man-servant bringing us breakfast. Oh, no, wait. No coffee, no servant.

But then I noticed a “fluttery” feeling in my chest. I’d felt it before (several months ago) and it usually went away fairly quickly. So I dismissed it.

Finally we get up around 8:30 and discover that all the water in the house is brown. It’s happened once before when the turbidity levels were high in the local reservoirs and we’ve had rain recently so we assumed that’s what it was. Turns out there was a burst pipe/leak in the building and we had no clean water.

Fine, we hiked down to the brand new Nester’s Market in the brand new Woodwards development, bought some water and other groceries and hiked back home. My chest was still fluttering from time to time.

I made breakfast (egg McMuffin type things with turkey bacon) while Chris walked the dog and then we watched some TV while deciding what to do for the day.

I finally told Chris around noon that I was having these “flutters” but that it wasn’t anything major. Being Chris (wonderful guy), he insisted we go to the hospital ASAP and figure out what’s going on. And we headed off to St. Paul’s Hospital.

That’s where I got Lucky.

Dr. S. Lucky was the name of the doctor in the RAZ (Rapid Assessment Zone) when we got there. After a very brief wait in the chairs, I was whisked in for an ECG, then got blood drawn, then a little medical history and finally a chest x-ray. From there it started to slow down. We were now in the waiting game.

Nurse Jennifer was awesome in the RAZ and kept a close eye on me. Eventually, the first round of tests came back clear and they suggested Chris and I go for a walk, and we did. But I got some tightness in my chest afterward, prompting them to hold me for a second round of Troponen tests at 6pm.

Acute Stretcher 5Chris had to go home and walk Rumble. We hadn’t anticipated this taking ALL day of course.

During this time, Dr. Lucky basically disappeared. At least I didn’t see her again until about 4:45, but her mysterious doctoring kept putting notes into the computer and more things happened. I got Aspirin and was prepped to be moved to a room with better monitoring equipment.

My new temporary home was “Acute Stretcher 5” as pictured above. Tres chic. I had to leave Jennifer behind and was introduced now to Gemma (or Jemma), a wonderful nurse from the UK. Unfortunately my stay here was brief, like 30 minutes and I was move “somewhere quieter” that I never did find the name of. It was quieter, but I liked the ER feel of Stretcher 5.

Now I was in the able hands of Kristen (or Kirsten) who eventually brought me dinner. Turkey dinner from a hospital on Sunday isn’t the worst thing out there, and considering I hadn’t had anything but a bit of water in 6 hours, I was glad for it. It actually wasn’t too bad and it certainly hit the spot.

In the end, I was sent home a little after 8pm with not much to show. A few sticky spots from the monitoring pads, a little less hair on my hand from the IV tube they never used and orders to go for a stress test on Tuesday morning at 8.

Nothing showed up in anything, and the fluttering never re-occurred. We have our theories as to what it was, and I’ll be talking to my family doctor about them once I can get an appointment.

Chris was with me the entire time, which was VERY much appreciated. He was very nervous and worried about me, but kept calm and helped me relax too. It freaked him out more than he let on. His father passed away from a heart attack so Chris has, if not reason then history, to cause him to worry. I’ve promised to outlive Chris so I have to do everything I can to make sure that happens, or he’d never let me live it down.

See – nothing to panic about. I’m taking today off to relax and make sure everything is up to speed before heading back tomorrow.

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