It’s a Christmas Miracle

For Christmas Chris’s step-dad sent us a care package full of treats for Rumble. Oh my god! We never have to buy dog treats again I think. There were so many! (Thanks Dave!) And his mom slipped in a nice box of her homemade shortbread cookies. They were delicious and Chris showed a great amount of restraint and made them last 2 days.

One of the other gifts in the box was a super nice (simple) coat for Rumble. We’ve expressed to Dave before that Rumble hates getting wet and with Vancouver Winter upon is, tis the season to be wet.

So we put the coat on Rumble and he froze. No surprise there, he doesn’t handle change or clothing very well. We’ve shown video of him in boots before. Have a look… This is what happened with the coat.

So what’s the miracle you ask?

That was exactly a week ago. As of now, he’s actually walking with his coat on!

Sadly, this proves something bad. It means that anything Rumble doesn’t know and “can’t” learn is either our fault, or simply because he’s hard headed. But that’s not news to anyone who met him.