Translink Wants To Raise Rates

Breakfast Television (my morning news source) is reporting that Translink wants to raise some of their rates in the new year. This isn’t that new, as it was partly announced a few weeks ago after their funding from local government was turned down.

They’re proposing to raise FareSaver ticket book prices and Monthly passes by up to 10% and claim it’s necessary as these prices haven’t been raised in a few years.

They also want to tack on a $2.50 surcharge for using the Canada Line SkyTrain service to the Vancouver International Airport (and from). Basically if you travel between Bridgeport and Templeton stations, you’d be subject to this additional fare, which I think is pretty steep and nothing more than a cash-grab.

If the concept is to encourage people to use the SkyTrain to travel to the airport instead of driving, it needs to be cost effective. With the proposed increase, travelling from Vancouver to the Airport after 6:30pm or on a weekend would cost $5.00 per person. During the day (Monday – Friday before 6:30pm) it would be $6.25, coming from say Surrey, it would be $7.50 per person.

TransLink knows that the airport will be HUGELY popular during 2010 and I feel they’re just looking to steal as much extra as possible during that period. Why wasn’t this pricing put in initially? Why 4 months after it opens?

If you want to comment, you can send an email and voice your support or lack there-of for the above proposals.

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  1. Jeff Post author

    Just a quick follow up.

    On Saturday afternoon I got a personal reply from a member of the board acknowledging that they received my comment. Not a firm email, but a real email paraphrasing my comment!

    Points to the board for this.

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