Taking Surveys for fun and profit

A while back I got an email from someone about taking surveys online to earn rewards, and thought “That sounds like a scam” so I did some more research.

This company, Web Perspectives is one of the few legitimate survey companies online that actually offer real rewards to it’s members. The rewards for completing a survey vary from survey to survey, depending on what the survey owner wants to offer.

A variety of survey rewards are offered to all of our members. Survey rewards include monthly prize draws for 5 chances at $1,000. There are also special draws for x-box’s, i-Pods, and much more. Many surveys also offer individual rewards in the form of  “Perspective Points”. These range from 100 points to 500 points with a completed survey.

Web Perspectives reward partners:

  • PayPal – Redeem 1000 points to transfer $10 into your PayPal account.
  • Chapters/Indigo(Online) – Use 1000 points to claim a $10 gift certificate to purchase books, DVD’s, I-pods, etc
  • Sympatico MSN Music Store – Redeem 1000 points  for $10 worth of music downloads.
  • Cineplex – Redeem 1000 points for a free movie ticket valid at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre.
  • Golf Town – Use 1000 points to claim a $10 gift certificate to purchase sporting goods or apparell.
  • The Canadian Cancer Society – Donate your reward to a good cause and help other Canadians. You will also receive a tax receipt for your donation.

So, what kinds of surveys do you get to answer? It depends. You can fill in an online profile inside your Web Perspectives account and they will try to target surveys into your interest area. For me, I’ve been getting a variety of surveys about food, beverage, technology and transportation (cars really).

The time required to fill out a survey varies too. Some are short 5 minute ones, but a big one I did on snack-food took me 45 minutes! Yes, you can save and return in most cases.

Some of the surveys you get in your inbox may ultimately end up not allowing you to complete. They pre-qualify respondents in some cases. I got one survey about beer, and since I said I don’t drink beer, I was sent to a nice “Thanks but no thanks” page. This has happened a number of times.

How many surveys do I answer? I get anywhere from 1 to 4 emails a day offering a survey and I don’t answer all of them. Sometimes I’m just too busy and other times I’m just not interested.

So far I haven’t won any of their contests, and keep forgetting to check my points to see if I can redeem them for anything. I fill out the surveys mainly because they are fun. I’ve actually seen the results of some of the surveys (or what sounds like them) on the news.

If you’re looking for a way to make a quick and easy contribution to market research or those other “mystery” polls you hear about, check out Web Perspectives.