Fuck Ty Pennington

A few months ago B.C. Place was host to a semi-annual Home and Garden show sponsored by HGTV. Along with the usual cadre of HGTV.ca hosts (Colin & Justin, Sarah whatsername) they featured Ty Pennington, host of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is the show where they take “needy” families who are usually in some sort of serious distress and give them a new house. The family may have had a fire, a series of deaths in the family, a disabled child or something that has caused them to livin’ in the margins of life.

Most of the families seriously need help. They’re often living 4 and 5 to a room, if they’re even that lucky. Sometimes they don’t even have rooms.

Somehow, they’ve managed to get the family together and obtain a video camera to submit a request to ABC explaining how and why they deserve a new house. After some kind of screening process, ABC decides on a deserving family each week and Ty and his team swoop in, shoot some emotion-driven video and destroy their house.

Then, while the family is on vacation, the Ty-driven-dream-team recruits some locals who want to be on TV and build an entirely new house in just 7 days. God complex anyone? There’s an abundance of stories about how crap these houses are, leaving the family with a camera-beautiful home, but leaky roofs, toilets and other mechanical problems. It’s hard to believe the it takes a year to normally build a house, but a huge number of people can build one in a week.

So, back to the Vancouver story.

I don’t remember exactly how it went, but I asked Chris if he wanted to go to the home show. He gave me the sad-puppy face and said “Why would I want to do that?” and I replied “Ty Pennington is going to be there.”

He promptly replied “Fuck Ty Pennington!!!” (Possibly with more exclamation points). He seriously objects to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition not just tugging on heartstrings, but actively plucking on them with a chainsaw and exploiting hard done by families.

Ever since then, it’s been Chris’s catch phrase. If anyone (me or on TV) mentions Ty Pennington, Chris exlaims “Fuck Ty Pennington!!”

Tonight, he added Steve Jobs. “Fuck Ty Pennington!!! and Fuck Steve Jobs!!!” was heard. I should go find out what happened to iTunes. It’s usually the cause of Chris cursing Steve Jobs.