Sometimes you find weird stuff…

Top Most Gifted books from

Top Most Gifted books from

So I was noodling around today while looking for a new product to build a site around. I’ve created a few different affiliate sites that are getting traffic, but no sales yet, so I’m thinking “hey, this hasn’t worked yet, maybe I need MORE sites!”

Anyway, I’m wandering around the site looking for something cool to sell when I find the link for “Most Gifted” which is not the link for only the best and brightest books, but rather those “Gifted” to others most often, which makes a lot more sense, right?

Well, the top entry was The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown’s new book, no surprise.

Second place was Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, also not a surprise as this is a huge kids book.

Next came Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are which also makes sense with the new movie just coming out.

And in fourth place, the wildly popular Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Wait, huh? What? Seriously? The 4th most popular gift in Amazon’s book is a publication manual? Seriously, how many people are sending this? What are the stats on this, and how would YOU like to receive it?

I thought so.

After that, it follows with Ted Kennedy’s memoir so it makes sense again. Then it gets weird. Either people don’t use Amazon for gifting, or people don’t gift the way I think they do.

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