Lucky Baby Survives Train Hit

I saw this story on Breakfast Television this morning and had to write about it. The short version here is that a mother in Australia is waiting for a train with her baby and when she lets go of the stroller (pram) to hitch her low-riders up, the stroller rolls across the platform and then off the edge, taking the unsuspecting baby with it! And then the train rolls into the station and hits it!

Oh my god, Right? Just remember the title of this post “Lucky Baby Survives…” so it’s ok. Unfortunately Mark Docherty wasn’t as FAST with that information on BT and I was wondering where the journalistic integrity went. Apparently the baby was strapped in well and suffered only a minor bump on his head. That’s the only point where mom wins in this story.

Have a look, more after the video

So, I’ve watched this video a couple of times and I hate to be cynical, but I don’t think it’s entirely real. If you watch the mom’s reaction, and that of her “mates” standing around something is off.

Perhaps the woman in the backpack isn’t as “invested” as could be, but she seems very casual when the train arrives. She swings on her pack and heads for the train casually after seeing a baby get crushed by said train. It’s not until after the guy who comes out of the station starts running that she seems to care.

Anyway, the news media is having a field day with this and “Balloon Boy” (who’s name is Falcon, also the name of a gay porn company, so this kid’s going to have it rought for several reasons.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with parents these days?