I speak another language

Yep, I’m bilingual. Or so I like to think.

Like most people who grew up in Canada, I had the obligatory education partly en francais, and I also took espanol in university. There’s supposed to be accents and crap on those, but I don’t remember enough to handle that properly. Plus I don’t know how to make the keyboard do them.

But that’s not what this is about. Nor is it about the language I tried to make up when I was a Dungeon Master. Yes, I tried to make up a language and I played D&D. I also tried to learn Klingon at one point by audio tape. Yes, I’ve been a geek for a long time.

Nope, this is about my own personal made up language that I run inside my head for the most part. Once in a while it starts to slip out “in polite company” (aka in public) and then it gets embarassing.

What’s really weird is that Chris has started picking up on it. Not only is he learning to understand what I mean, but he actually says things back to me too.

I guess it’s not that unusual. After about 5 years, we must be picking up on each other’s habits. He only wishes I picked up on his habit of cleaning up after I make a mess.