Blame it on the Girls

I have to admit that I’m becoming one of those old guys who loves the music of his generation, and when he hears any new music either goes off on a rant about “the state of music these days” or quietly mutters something about the Doobie Brothers.

I pretty much fully blame the internet and MP3 players for this. Ever since I got an MP3 player and the internet, I don’t recall ever listening to radio. The ultimate downside of this is the lack of exposure to “emerging talent.” You know, like Britney or Lady Gag-me. I mean Lady Gaga, of course. Generally speaking that’s not really a problem, but it does mean I’m out of touch with the advances and what the kids are listening to. I also don’t go to clubs or any other place where modern music gets played.

Yep, I’m becoming a curmudgeon at 40. 41, sorry. Sigh.

That said, I have apparently missed Mika. He’s been profiled in a few months of the Gay Newsletter they send us all (that’s a joke), but I tended to ignore it. Last night, for some reason, I clicked on the play button for his latest video and found myself rather enjoying it. It’s light and poppy, modern and yet accessible. Find out more at

Maybe I should explore some more of this modern music. Apparently there’s a set of musical triplet boys people are talking about.

3 thoughts on “Blame it on the Girls

  1. Strixy

    I like to listen to podcasts. Sled Island 2009 is still stuck in my iPhone. CBC Radio 3 New Canadian Music with Torquil Campbell is another one. All of which are great for discovering new music.

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