On the flight to Toronto

Right now it’s 11:18 pacific time but I am 42565 feet above Saskatchewan or Manitoba right now, about to make a stop in Winterpeg (Winnipeg really) on my way to Toronto.

My dad is hopefully undergoing surgery to remove his esophagus due to cancer. I say hopefully because apparently there was a slim chance a pre-op check could put the kibosh (kybosh?) on it. My brother and I decided at just about the last minute that we want to be there for him and Claudia (our step-mother). We won’t make it in time for when he first wakes up but we will be there for him first thing on Thursday morning when he may be more lucid, if only slightly.

I haven’t seen my brother in something like six years. In that time we’ve both married people the other has never met and developed families. Unfortunately neither of us was able to bring our spouses along for the trip. I haven’t seen my dad in about three and half years or so. With any luck, and by very convenient coincidence, my mom and her husband are also in Ontario on Vacation right now!

Loving the leg roomView from the airplane.Our descent into hell, aka Winnipeg, is just beginning so I’m going to save this and finish it on the ground so I can attach a few pictures and get it posted. I tried posting them via the iPhone WordPress app, but they didn’t arrive for some reason, so I’ll insert them manually. TTYL.

Ok, so it’s now about 35 minutes later and I’m sitting in what passes for the concourse of the WestJet area of the Winnipeg airport. It’s everything you would expect and less.

I can’t even find a power outlet to plug into. I’m running on batteries, the airport WiFi connection requires a credit card (wtf?) so it’s lucky I’ve got enough power for a while, and can tether my laptop to my iPhone so I can post this.

About 5 minutes after I landed, my step-mother called to let me know that my dad was out of surgery and it had gone very well. There is a suspicious lymph node that they’re checking out. It’ll be 2 to 3 weeks before they know the status of said lymph, but we have our fingers crossed. I’m glad Claudia called. Since I can’t see dad until morning, it’s good to know he’s doing alright.

And on the downside, my brother just sent me a text. He may run into trouble coming into Canada due to his Canadian passport being expired. DOH. And he’s my ride!

It’s ok, I have a backup plan. I always do.