When good weekends go bad…

Ever have one of those weekends?

Things are cruising along nicely on Friday afternoon, work is wrapping up, you’re looking forward to the weekend, you’ve got yourself some good plans, and enough downtime to relax before Monday springs back up?

Maybe you make it through Friday night, maybe you make it all the way to Sunday morning.

And then it all goes horribly wrong?

There’s nothing worse than wasting a weekend being sick. And I’m not talking about a sniffle. I’m talking the “I drank some water from a country a shouldn’t have, ate food I know I’m allergic too, rubbed my face in poison ivy and then, just for kicks, threw a box of thumbtacks on the floor, rolled around in them and jumped in a vat of iodine**” evil sick and gross.

Yup. Sucks. And that’s really about all I’m going to say about it.

**With apologies to SNL

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