Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

August 25, 2007 was the date that Chris and I officially took possession of our first home. Today marks the 2 year anniversary of that event and we both marvel at how much time has passed.

A friend mentioned he thought it was just about a year and when I corrected him, he was incredulous. So was I when I started to get in touch with it.

Chris and I couldn’t be happier that we bought a condo when we did. The market changed shortly after and we may not have qualified for the mortgage we got, in fact, they removed that mortgage product eventually. Sure, we might have paid a little less a while later, but probably wouldn’t have been able to get a place we liked. Hard to say.

We’re now talking about the future again. How long do we stay here? Do we try to rent for the Olympics and make some money? Where would we move when we decide to sell? Things like that. We’ve made a “little” money on this place, nothing major so we’re not about to rush off just yet.

2 years flew by in a heartbeat. In some ways, I really hope the next 2 don’t go as fast.

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