Bad-ass Sign

Chris sent me this photo that he found online somewhere. The only response I could think of was “Seriously? What the f**k were they thinking?

Pool's closed

There are certain things about this sign that need to be talked about, but I’m not at all sure where to start.

First – I have to give them HUGE props for the bad-ass mo-fo on the sign. Even without the qualifiers (we’ll get to those), if he tells me not to go swimming, I’m not going swimming or anywhere near the pool. I won’t even want to see the stingrays.

And seriously? Even the stingrays have AIDS? Um. Kay. Exactly what do the guests here do with the stingrays?

How much time did the employee spending making this sign? Does the hotel have enough guests to warrant it if they employees are busy making bad-ass signs?

Well, in the end, I guess I’m glad to see they have a sense of humor. I’m not sure I’d put it up in my business, but that’s just me.

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