How does he get away with it?

So, I’m going to rant a bit here. And Michael Bay is going to take the brunt of it this time!

Chris and I took our friend John to see Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen this weekend for his birthday. Sorry John.

Cineplex’s ScotiaBank Centre in Vancouver started the day wrong by opening their doors late. Forgivable. But then they had “technical difficulty” which forced us out of our chosen theatre even before the movie started. Sure we get a free movie another time out of the deal, but annoying. I chose to wait an extra 45 minutes to get another theatre presenting in Digital. We could have moved into cinemas 8 or 9 showing it in 10 minutes, but we had problems with a tandem-run before and it’s not a digital presentation, something that made Wolverine even worse for me. So we waited.

In the end, our little adventure to see Transformers 2 meant spending 4 hours sitting in theatres. My bad.

The movie was mediocre. Maybe I’m getting old. But more to the point of this rant / review it’s so bloody racist that I can’t believe people don’t call Michael Bay on it.

There’s 2 “twin” Autobots voiced by Reno Wilson and Tom Kenny named Mudflap and Skids respectively. For the record, Reno is African-American and Tom is not, which adds insult to injury. The way Mudflap and Skids are portrayed is almost blatantly racist, although it’s coated in Bay’s “comedy” to make it palatable.

I don’t even know how to describe the two of them, except to say that everyone I know saw them as trashy ghetto homies. They talk like trailer-trash, they act like it, and they apparently can’t read. Yup, you heard me. These 2 Autobots can’t even read. They have some gold teeth too.

To me, even pre-warned (thanks Gavin), I was pretty surprised to see that nobody from the writers through the entire production and into marketing thought these characters might be offensive.

I guess I could be overly-sensitive, or over reacting, but hey, it was one of few moments that brought out any kind of emotion for me.

Yeah, the effects were spectacular (what did you expect), it was big in scope and scale, it was loud and lots of things got destroyed, so it wins on that level. But it was also at least an hour longer than it needed to be.

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